Trust and Memorial Committee

This committee consists of five members elected by the congregation plus the Treasurer, as the Council Representative. The Committee shall be stewards of all Trust and Memorial funds donated to Our Saviour’s. It shall work with a qualified Investment Firm and/or Counselor and the Church Accountant to see that all gifts and funds are properly invested, tracked and used according to the donor’s intent. If that intent is no longer practical, the Committee shall recommend to the Council other uses as close to the donors wishes as possible.

The Committee shall gratefully acknowledge all gifts, memorials and trusts on behalf of the congregation. It shall have the authority to accept or refuse any gifts, and to establish Memorial Policies. It shall also maintain a current listing of appropriate Memorials and Trust Funds in consultation with the Council or Pastor(s).

It shall be responsible for the procurement of authorized gifts and memorials and may recommend the expenditure of funds on hand to the Council. The expenditure of any Trust Funds or Memorials must be approved by the Council.

It is important that the Committee meet at least every other month, and at the call or request of either the Chairman or the Treasurer.


For more information on becoming a part of the Trust and Memorial Committee, please contact the Church Office at (920) 748-2544.