Prayer Chain Ministry

 The Prayer Chain Ministry began in November 2005. Through this powerful ministry, volunteer members are able to reach out to those in need of prayer. Prayer is a very powerful thing! People have been blessed through the Prayer Chain Ministry. The requests received are passed down throughout this ministry and prayer is provided for a two-week period or longer, depending on the need of each individual.


Prayers are for comfort and healing, comfort and strength, good results from medical tests, successful treatments, successful surgeries, or whatever the need. Individuals have recovered from illnesses and some have passed on to their heavenly home through prayers of peace. Prayers also include prayers of thanksgiving.


Families have been strengthened by the prayer chain during times of crisis in their lives. Families were comforted and were given a way to strengthen their own faith, knowing that Our Saviour’s Prayer Chain, people from their own church, were there for them, praying with them. People have been “connected” like the strong “links” of a chain. What a powerful ministry!


For more information on becoming a part of the Prayer Chain Ministry at Our Saviour's UCC, please contact the Church Office at (920) 748-2544.