Worship Committee

The Worship Committee was originally named the Music Committee, but in 1987 it was altered due to a Constitutional change adopted at the 1986 Annual Meeting. At that time, it became the Worship Committee with subcommittees in Music and Liturgy. Since that time, there have been more subcommittees added which include Altar Guild, Audio-Visual, and Hospitality.


This committee meets at 6:30 pm in the lower Sunday school room every 4th Monday of the month, excluding June, July, and December.


Each member has various responsibilities within a subcommittee. They attend their assigned subcommittee meetings and report back to the Worship Committee. Also they are responsible for preparing schedules for greeters/ushers, liturgists, etc.


One member is responsible for the Altar Guild. This individual attends their meetings and brings back any concerns they may have. The Altar Guild arranges the flowers on the altar and prepares for communion. They are also responsible for the banner storage and any displays including the funeral pall.


Another member is responsible for  Audio-Visual. This portion of the organization is responsible for recruiting and training the AV operators and makes sure there is someone scheduled to man the sound system during services.


Another member manages the Hospitality subcommittee. This includes making out the schedules for the ushers and greeters for each church service.


Another member serves as our Secretary, and also does the Liturgical scheduling. This responsibility includes scheduling volunteers to serve as liturgists for the worship services.


Another member handles the Music subcommittee. This includes attending meetings with Pastor Mark, the organist, choir directors, and the puppet director. They organize the music for the church services and also any special concerts in the sanctuary.


Another member erves as the chairperson for the Worship Committee. This includes getting the agenda set for the meetings and attending any other needed meeting(s) within the church.


For more information on becoming a part of the Worship Committee at Our Saviour's, please contact the Church Office at (920) 748-2544.