Scholarship Committee

The original scholarship fund was established in 1961. Founders of the fund were Christine Krueger and Caroline Chaffin. The original committee consisted of seven members. The scholarship fund was to provide assistance to members of Our Saviours United Church of Christ attending accredited UCC related colleges, universities and seminaries. An escrow of $10,00.00 was originally established.

By-laws, policies and procedures were established about 1987. Much work has been done since then to revise and update by-laws, policies and procedures. In 2002 the committee membership changed to four members appointed by the council. At this time camp scholarships for church members were also included in the policies and procedures.

Currently, the committee consists of four members, with two appointed by the council each year. They shall meet at least three times a year. They shall develop policies, application forms, provide information to the congregation and work with the Stewardship Committee to encourage gifts and bequests. They shall administer two separate scholarship funds: Continuing Education and Church Camp and Youth Event Scholarships.

The amounts of monies available for scholarships shall be determined by the Council upon the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee, after verification by the Trust Committee.

The Scholarship Committee and Christian Education Committee shall promote and encourage attendance at camp events. Since 2002 there have been 35 scholarships presented. Prior scholarships were presented but the number is unknown.

For more infomation on becoming a part of the Scholarship Committee at Our Saviour's, please contact the Church Office at (920) 748-2544.