Misson Committee



When the Mission Committee was originally formed, it was called “The Mission Society.” It was organized on January 13, 1926, during the pastorate of Rev. Kehle. They met on the second Tuesday at 8:00 pm. Membership was limited to women and older girls. During the early years of the committee, they had 52 members. Officers of the original committee were Miss Edna Blader, President; Miss Erma Retzlaff, Vice President; Miss Ella Dahlke, Secretary; and Mrs. Thomas Dudzinske, Treasurer.

Currently, committee members serve a 2-year term, with no more than two consecutive terms.



The Mission Committee shall work with the Pastor in promoting the mission concept of the church. The committee shall disseminate information related to Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM), CROP, and other appeals that come to Our Saviour’s United Church of Christ. It shall perform any other such functions as might relate to interpreting the work of the United Church of Christ.


The Mission Committee supports a wide variety of projects through fundraisers and donations. These include:

One Great Hour of Sharing

Church World Service

Solution Center

Relay for Life

Evangelical Children’s Home

Orion’s Family Services

Bay Back Mission

Senior Graduation Party

Ripon Santa Club



Parish Nurse

Sunday School Projects


Ripon Food Pantries

Campbell Soup Labels-Pilgrim Camp

Pop Can Tabs-Ronald McDonald House


If interested in being a part of the Missions Committee, please contact the church office at (920) 748-2544.