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Our Saviour’s Church has been a charter organization for various Boy Scout and Cub Scout groups since 1939. Its staff, congregation members, and volunteers have been avid supporters of Scouting over those years. Currently, and since 2002, Cub Scout Pack 3735 has been chartered by Our Saviour’s Church. The Pack is most grateful for the charter, support, and meeting space as most Tuesday nights one will find either a Den of Cub Scouts or Pack Leaders or the entire Pack meeting.

The Ideals of Cub Scouting focus on boys and their families having fun with a purpose. Learning about their family and their community, practicing service to others, building skills and confidence, supporting their faith, letting them experience the outdoors safely, and building a respect for the environment.

The many opportunities that the boys have are supported by the members of Our Saviour’s Church in many ways. Use of the facilities, having a place for regular meetings, special events, and fundraisers is very important. The support and attendance of the members of Our Saviour’s Church at various fundraisers is greatly appreciated as well. Events such as:

  • Regular Den and Pack Meetings and Programs
  • The Raingutter Regatta
  • The Pack Holiday Party
  • The Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction Pack Fundraiser
  • The Blue and Gold Banquet and Webelos Crossover Ceremony
  • A new fundraiser, a Spaghetti or Chili Supper
  • The Spring Recruitment Night featuring the Scott Street Puppeteers
  • The Pack Carnival in the parking lot

Pack 3735 functions as asset and outreach to the Ripon community because of the support provided by the Our Saviour’s Congregation.

For more information, please contact the Church Office at (920) 748-2544.

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