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Al SeeligerWhether you grew up with family ties to Our Saviour’s United Church of Christ, or moved to the area, or looking for a change in your Christian life, members who serve on the Council love their church! Commitment is key to the life of Our Saviour’s United Church of Christ.

The Church Council is a governing body established by the Church Constitution and By-Laws. There are 10-lay members plus the Pastor(s) who meet the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:30 pm in the Conference Room. The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Members of the Church Council attend the various committee meetings within the church as representatives of the Council. This provides good communication between the Council and the Committees. Pictured at right is current Council President Al Seeliger, Jr.

Council members play a vital role in the life of Our Saviour’s United Church of Christ. They are representatives of all members in decision-making for the church. They are the voice of the congregation. Good communication is of extreme importance between both the council members and addressing any questions/concerns that members have.

Areas that the council addresses:

  • Achieve a balanced budget
  • Fulfill congregational approved needs of the church
  • Maintain church facilities
  • Support committee needs within the church
  • Promote Christian Education for children of the church
  • Promote Adult Education
  • Work with secure investment companies/advisors
  • Be supportive of the pastor(s) needs and administrative staffing
  • Work with the Trust, Memorial, and Cornerstone Committees
  • Assist the pastor in serving communion to all those who believe.

If interested in serving on the Church Council, please contact the Church Office.

Current Council Members

Judy Heitmann
Robert (Buck) Kwiatkowski
Bob Lueck
AnnDee Peth
Jeremy Schouten
Heidi Schwanke
Ron Triemstra